A London stretscape from the sixties.

This is actually Thornton Heath area that we passed on the way to work every day - in a bus just like this. The "double -deckers" were technological marvels. There was an open platform at the rear, so it was possible to board while in motion. The platform was designed with that purpose in mind – there was strategically placed "grab pole" in the middle. The driver was isolated in his cab, but there was a conductor who made the rounds, up and down. The upper level was smoking only and it was accessed by a narrow curving stair at the back of the bus. If the upper level was full, with everyone puffing on their "Woodbines", the air was thick and barely breathable. Note the scraped paint along the top of the bus. This was caused by tree branches scraping the bus.
The yellow sphere to the right is pedestrian crossing signal that flashed to indicate it was safe to cross.